Billy Williams (bwilliams@dieselcare.net) is owner of Diesel Care and Performance and handles the day to day sales operations. He has been in the fuel injection business for over twenty years,serving as parts manager for Test Calibration Co in Mobile, AL and also as general manager for Mid-South Diesel Service in Memphis TN. He has also worked for Flag North America as a territory sales manager. He started Diesel Care and Performance in the Summer of 2004. He is active in Boy Scouts of America. When not working at Diesel Care, he enjoys playing guitar, camping with his family and cruising around east TN on his motorcycle. Amy Williams(Amy@dieselcare.net) also works at Diesel Care and Performance Inc. Amy works in the accounting department, and handles core administration for DC & P. Amy work with the local Girl Scouts as a troop leader, and is active in our local community parks program, helping recently to secure handicap accessible playground equipment for our local park. When not working at Diesel Care, she enjoys making pottery and working in her ever growing garden. Amy and Billy have been married for 19 years. Both are active in their local church.